Escape from the Museum!

We invite you to enjoy escaping from the fictional Sno-Isle Museum of Popular Culture.

You’ll need pencil and paper to keep track of clues and help you solve puzzles!

This escape room is designed for teens and tweens aged 9-15, but all are welcome to join in the fun.
Play by yourself, with friends or family.
Work as a team or compete against them. For a greater challenge, see who can solve all the puzzles first.

If you are playing with people who don’t live with you, practice social distancing and use the phone or a video chat app.

You can try our escape room as many times as you’d like. We only ask that you have fun!
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Created by Sno-Isle Libraries staff.
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All the characters, lore, art, videos, and graphics used in the digital escape room belong to their respective copyright owners and Sno-Isle Libraries does not claim any right over them. Photo credits are listed at the end of the room.
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