Old City Acres Flexible CSA
Our Flex-CSA (Flexible Community Supported Agriculture) is a Year Round local food program where a community member like yourself purchases a "Share" of the farm and then receives fresh seasonal produce back in return!  You choose exactly what veggies you want (and none that you don't) using our super simple weekly online ordering form. Your share can then be picked up from multiple convenient locations in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Belleville, and Romulus.  Investing in your local farm by purchasing a CSA shares allows us to continue growing amazing food, build our farm sustainably, and pay our workers a living wage.

Once you join, your membership acts like a local food bank account where the cost of  what you order weekly  is automatically subtracted from that balance. When you use up all of your account simply renew your membership and continue enjoying fresh veggies. Your account balance/membership doesn't expire at the end of the season like most traditional CSA's, and rolls over at the end of every year. Our Farm is proud to offer EBT options for our CSA!

 Investing in Old City Acres and in turn your local food supply is not only a great way to eat fresh veggies, but allows us to consistently produce and distribute local food year round to our CSA members.  Once you join, you will also have access to our Members' store where you can add on additional hyper local good to your share like local eggs, honey, syrup, fruit preserves, and more!

If you have any questions about the CSA or just want to talk to your farmer (Alex Ball),  feel free to reach out at oldcityacres@gmail.com 
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Pick up locations can be changed weekly once a member.
Membership Share Size *
All share sizes act like a local food bank account where whatever you order weekly is subtracted from your balance. How long your balance lasts depends on how much you order, but on average it takes most members about 12-18 months to eat through it. 

-Small Share: Great for a single person or a couple looking to get into local food.
-Family Share: For a veggie loving couple or small family.
-Large Share: Perfect for the large family or Group!
-CSA Sampler: Get a taste of our flex CSA before you invest!

- Payment Plans Available -
Payment  Options *
Access to local food is our number one priority, and we understand that investing large sums isn't always an option. Memberships can be paid for all at once or spread over two equal monthly payments. Because of their size, CSA samplers are paid for all at once.  
    How to Pay for your CSA

Once you click "Submit", you'll see a link to pay for your CSA share online!

 After you've submitted your payment, you'll receive a welcome email. Then you're ready to start getting fresh veggies delivered to your community!
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