Old City Acres Flexible CSA
The Old City Acres Flexible CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a farm subscription/investment program where a community member purchases a "Share" of the farm and then receives fresh seasonal produce back from the farm all year round - Payment plans are available - You choose exactly what veggies you want, grown fresh right on the farm, using our super simple weekly online ordering form. Your share can then be picked up all day on Saturday from four convenient locations in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti (Depot Town), Belleville (sumpter), and Romulus as well as pickup on farm Sat/Sun/Mon. For investing, you will receive a percentage bonus related to the amount you have invested. Our program allows you to get exactly what produce you want and when you want it. You can purchase exactly as much as you need and no more. This is not just a way to purchase vegetables, but is a way to connect with your farmer, and support your local food economy.

Once you become an Old City Acres CSA member, your account and investment don't expire at the end of the season like most traditional CSA programs. You can spend your balance/investment at your rate without fear of loss. Investing in local food and farmers has never been so easy.

Shares can be picked up every weekend throughout the year besides for a few major holidays thanks to our extensive greenhouse production and strive to feed folks. 12 months out of the year.

Our CSA memberships come in three sizes with our most popular option being our "Standard Share." We are now featuring our newest option in supporting local food the large "Community Share".

Our large share allows up to five people to order and receive veggies, at whatever separate locations they choose, all from one shared CSA account. Local food and investing in it can now be shared by any group: a housing coop, non profits, offices, or even a large family, without requiring them to all pickup at one location.

If you have any questions about the CSA or just want to talk to your farmer, feel free to reach out at oldcityacres@gmail.com
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Access to local food is our number one priority, and we understand that investing large sums isn't always an option. Memberships can be paid for all at once or spread over two equal monthly payments.
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Enjoy a free week of veggies for your continued support of Old City Acres! (a $20 value)
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Membership Agreement
I have read and understand the details of the Old City Acres CSA. I realize that each season is unpredictable, and despite planning, dedication, and hard work, there are many naturally occurring variables (weather, pests, etc.) that could possibly affect my share. I agree to take part in the risks and (more often) rewards involved in chemical-free, sustainable farming.

In return, Old City Acres will provide me with seasonal, high quality, fresh produce that is grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. A regular newsletter will be e-mailed to me with what's available fresh as well as happenings at the farm. My farmer will be available throughout the season to answer questions, receive feedback, and address concerns.

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All CSA applications are processed on Sunday/Monday. You will be sent an email invoice from Old City Acres that you can pay online. Once the invoice has been paid, you will be sent a CSA welcome letter and you will be placed onto the weekly newsletter where you can start receiving your weekly veggies!!
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