CWRU - iLab External Users Registration
The purpose of this form is to gather then information required to set up a user's lab in CWRU's instance of iLab, allowing core facility and shared resources users to request and schedule facility services, and for the facilities to bill for the work done.

Provide the requested information below. It typically takes 48 hours to create the lab.

(Labs need to be created in the name of the Primary Investigator/Faculty Member who is overall in charge of projects under which work would be requested. All salient students, staff members, post docs, and financial administrators are then added to that lab, allowing them the ability to request work in the PI's name)

Do Not Complete this form if you are a CWRU Employee intending to charge work to Speedtypes
Contact Matt DeVries ( if you are having issues accessing your Speedtypes
Primary Investigator of the Research Group's name: *
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PI's Email Address *
to be used to create the user's login, if you are faculty member from University Hospitials, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, Stoke VA Hospital, or Metrohealth we strongly advise you use your CWRUNetID email address, as this will allow you to access your grants and Speedtypes (present or future) at CWRU plus the ability to directly bill your institution, under a single login vs managing separate logins for each scenario
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Company Name: *
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Company Billing Contact's Name: *
This is the person to whom invoices for payment will be sent
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Billing Street Address: *
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Billing Contact Phone Number: *
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Billing Email Address: *
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Name of all individuals to be added to this investigator's lab: *
please add all students, techs, post docs, co-investigators, etc who should be allow to make requests in this Investigator's name. Please place a comma in between each name
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Email Address of all individuals to be added to this investigator's lab: *
please add all members email addresses. Please add them in the same order as their Names on the line above. Please place a comma in between each address
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With which CWRU Core Facilities are you interested in doing buisness, either in the long or short term?
Immediate Need
Potential Future Need
Applied Functional Genomics Core
Athymic Animal & Xenograft Core
Bioanalyte Core at CWRU
CFAR Immune Function Core
Center for Advanced Research Computing
Clinical Services Core
Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models Core
Cytometry & Imaging Microscopy Core
Data Analytics Core
Gene Expression and Genotyping Facility
Genomics Core Facility
Hematopoietic Biorepository and Cellular Therapy Core
Imaging Research Core
Light Microscopy Imaging Core
MORE Center
Molecular and Cellular Virology Core
Protein Expression Purification Crystallization and Molecular Biophysics Core
Proteomics and General Mass Spectrometry Core
Rodent Behavioral Core
SDLE Research Center
Scientific Instrument Repair Center
Small Molecule Drug Development Core
Tissue Resource Core
Translational Shared Resource
CDDRCC Histology
Center for Dielectric & Energy Storage
RNA Profiling Core
Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials
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