Musicians living in Scotland - Health Questionnaire
Thank you for taking part in this anonymous survey on musicians' musculoskeletal health.Your feedback will help us to understand current injury rates among musicians living in Scotland.

The aim of this survey is to use the results in order to raise awareness regarding injury rates and consider reevaluation of the current injury prevention plans implemented in Scotland.

If you take part in the survey, you agree to allow this anonymous results to be shared with the public.

Please answer all the questions below, regardless of whether or not you have playing related pain.

The questionnaire is based on the OSTRC Overuse Injury Questionnaire.

What do you play? *
What age are you? *
At what age did you start playing your instrument? *
How many years have you been playing for? *
Is music your professional career? *
In the next section we would like to know about any significant injuries that stopped you from playing for more than one week, made you miss a concert or performance or made you seek health professional advice the past. if you have a number of significant injuries to report, please complete as many as apply.
What age where you when you developed a significant injury? *
Injury location *
Injury type *
How long did this injury last for? *
Did you have recurrence of this injury? (same location and type of injury, lasting less than one month) *
From this injury do you still experience lasting functional limitations now? *
In this next section we would like to know about your current joint, muscle and overall musculoskeletal health.
Injury location *
Have you had any difficulties participating in normal performance/ concerts due to pain during the past week? *
To what extent have you reduced you playing due to pain during the past week? *
To what extent has your pain affected your performance during the past week? *
To what extent have you experienced pain related to performance during the past week? *
Could you give a number to your pain? being 0 no pain and 10 severe pain *
Are you currently taking any pain relief or anti-inflammatory medication? *

María J López MCSP, HCPC, AACP, BMus(Hons),
APPI Certified Pilates Instructor

Chartered Physiotherapist,
Specialist in Musculoskeletal,
Performing Arts & Pilates

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