School Satisfaction Survey
Dear Parents and whanau of Westshore School,

We want our school to be the best it can be. Please fill out this survey and tell us what you think are the school’s strengths and what you think we could do better. Your comments and ideas will be very helpful in building our future. If you would like support to complete the survey please let us know. It is important that we gain as much input from our community as possible. For those wishing to complete the survey online please refer to our website for the link.
We appreciate that a task like this can take time, and as a thank you for participating, any family who returns a completed survey form will go into the draw for a $100 dinner voucher to our local Westshore Beach Inn.

Your email address will be recorded but only for the purposes of verifying your response so that you are in the draw for the dinner voucher.

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1. Please circle the group(s) that best represent your family. *
2. What language is spoken at home (please state)
Your answer
3. Please circle the class level for each child you have at this school
4. What skills and experiences can you share with our children please; (It would help us if we could find out the types of jobs people do in our community please)
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A. Caring Environment (Please circle ONE)
1.When I walk into this school, I feel welcome….
2. I am treated with respect at this school…
3. The school respects our cultural heritage and we are treated fairly no matter what race or cultural background…
4. I feel welcome at parent/teacher/student meetings.
B. Problem Solving (Please circle ONE)
1. I have a good working relationship with my child’s teacher.
2. Do you feel comfortable communicating concerns with your child’s teacher?
3. I can talk to the school Principal/Senior Management when I need to…
4. Are you aware of the schools policy around concerns and complaints?
5. Do you feel that concerns and complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and effectively?
5. Do you feel that concerns and complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and effectively?
C. Communication (please circle ONE)
1. I prefer to communicate with my child’s teacher via_____
1. I prefer to communicate with the school via_____
3. Do you feel you are well informed about your child’s learning?
4. My child’s teacher lets me know promptly if my child is experiencing challenges at school (e.g. behaviour, fitting in with other students, homework, tests)…
5. I feel included and consulted when important decisions are made in our school.
6. Do you believe the frequency of formal reporting (written reports, goal setting & parent/student/teacher conferences) is adequate and informative?
7. Does your child have access to a computer/device at home? (Please circle)
8. Does your child have access to the internet at home? (Please circle)
D. Student Progress (Please circle ONE)
1.My child’s teacher keeps me well informed about how my child is doing at school…
2. I understand the achievement levels my child is expected to meet…
3. My child’s teacher and the school give me useful information about how to improve my child’s progress and support their learning at home…
4. At our school students are supported when learning is challenging.
E. Satisfaction (Please circle ONE)
1. I am very satisfied with the quality of this school.
2. I would recommend this school to family and friends.
3. My child enjoys coming to school every day.
F. School Vision
As part of the redevelopment of the Westshore School Curriculum we are seeking your ideas around the School Vision. Please answer the following questions to let us know what you believe is important for your child/children during their time at Westshore School.
1.What is important for my child to develop by the time they leave Westshore School? This may be characteristics and/or qualities of your child’s personality e.g. Confidence…
Your answer
2. What skills/values will my child need to have by the time they leave Westshore School?
Your answer
3.What is the school doing that is MOST helpful to you as a parent.
Your answer
4.Share anything that you wish the school could do to improve the learning experience for you and your child.
Your answer
Return this survey to your child’s teacher to ensure you are in the draw for the dinner voucher please complete your survey by August 17th.

Thank you for your participation in our School Satisfaction Survey. You are helping to make our school the best it can be

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