NNM Apprenticeship 2019
Welcome to the application process for the herbal medicine apprenticeship 2019
15-20 minutes should be the most you spend on this ^_^
Please choose an appointment slot so we can meet face to face. A confirmation email will be sent later with our address.
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Herbal Sexual Health
Basket Weaving
Herbal Medicine from a First Nation Perspective
Herbal Fermentations (Beer, Wine & Sauerkraut)
Tree Identification & Medicine
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Identification
How to Make Your Food More Nutritious
Wilderness Survival Skills
Herbal Smokes
Medicinal Mushrooms
Introduction to Permaculture
Montreal Community Garden Exploration
Do you have any other suggestions for workshops that we could offer?
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What is the one thing you hope this internship will enable you to accomplish?
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What is the motivation for you to apply for this internship?
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Do you have a car in which you could take people to our day trips?
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If yes, please simply state what work/items you are interested in trading.
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This apprenticeship will be focused on using herbs in your own daily or weekly routine. Are you ready to make this commitment? *
Do you understand that anyone from Naughty Nettles, or their related guest teachers, are not medical professionals and do not recommend incorporating herbs unless you check first with a medical professional. This applies especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding, have existing medical conditions or are currently taking medication. (If not please state what you are unsure of) *
We would like to talk to you further after this application. Please choose a slot that you're free for a chat and a cup of tea at our place. We will email you a confirmation and our address :) *
Please leave us a cell number to reach you by and a time that works for you
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