Expression of interest, PhD student starting September 2018 at UPF WSSC group
The following form is to express your interest in pursuing a PhD degree at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona in the Web Science and Social Computing Group. It is NOT an online application form, but an expression of interest. Our intention is to contact some of the people who provide an expression of interest, to provide a letter in support of their application.
Do you understand this is not an application form, but a way of expressing your interest in a specific group? *
You can (and should) apply directly to the PhD program using this URL: -- however, your chances of getting accepted to the program are higher if you accompany your application with a letter of support from a potential advisor for your thesis.
Which of the following apply to you? *
We will only consider candidates that have TWO OR MORE of the following with respect to the areas of interest of the group.
Which bachelor degree do you have and in which university did you obtain it? *
Indicate the name of the university and the bachelor degree you obtained (e.g., "Computing engineer, University of X")
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If you have a master degree: which master degree do you have (or will have) and from which university?
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If you have external funding from a government or another institution to pursue the PhD, which type of funding and from which source?
(E.g.: "full scholarship for 3 years from the government of X")
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In which topics/areas would you be interested in pursuing your PhD studies on? (max. 500 char.) *
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Why do you think you will be able to successfully complete a PhD thesis on one of those topics? (max. 500 char.) *
Do NOT link to your CV. We will ask for it later, if needed.
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If you have been a student or worked with a member of the group who encouraged you specifically to apply, please indicate his/her name and the context in which you were encouraged
(E.g., I met X at summer school Y, we interacted, she recommended me individually to apply.)
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If you can provide a letter of recommendation from another top researcher in the fields of interest of the group, please indicate his/her name and e-mail address
Do NOT link to the letter. We will ask for the letter later, if needed. This person must be informed that you have provided his/her name as a reference.
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If you co-authored a peer-reviewed publication at a good conference or journal in one of the fields of interest of the group, please include the citation and URL here
If you have multiple top publications, please include the URL of your Google Scholar or DBLP page
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If you have contributed significant applied/industrial advances in the areas of interest of the group, please describe how (max. 500 char.)
Please leave this blank unless your applied/industrial contribution goes beyond what is expected in the course of regular professional experience. We are leaving this option for particular cases of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, or other major achievement in application/industrial areas, and expect that most applicants will leave this blank.
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