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Saints who Prayed
Every Saint will tell you that at the very core and heart of their life of ministry is a life of fervent prayer.
St. Rose Duchesne left France because of the French Revolution and came to the United States into the Louisiana Territory in 1818. She opened the first free school for children west of the Mississippi River in Missouri. Later she opened 6 more convents and schools, but her greatest concern was for the Native Americans in this country. One tribe that she evangelized gave her the name “the woman who prays always.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta left the comfort of her convent home in India after receiving a 2nd vocation during prayer to minister to the poorest of the poor in India. She spent the rest of her life opening convents, schooling her sisters of charity, and serving Christ in the poor found in orphanages, AIDS hospices, homes for drug addicts, prostitutes, and the needy around the world.
St. Francis of Assisi renounced the wealth of his family and took on the garb of poverty. He began a religious order of friars dedicated to serving the poor of his time. Francis spent many hours in fasting and prayer. During one of his retreats, he received on his hands, feet, and side, the 5 bleeding wounds of Christ. Like these Saints, we should seek to speak to God, asking His Son Jesus & their Holy Spirit to live in us every day of our lives. Remember: Nothing is impossible with God!!
Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father
Hermana Glenda - Alguien Esta Orando Por Mi
All sung prayers are words lifted to God in praise. Before King David was chosen to be the king of the Israelite people he was a lowly shepherd boy tending the flocks. He wrote and sung many of the songs that we have in the Old Testament. Today we use those same songs at Mass as the sung expression of prayer between the first 2 readings during the Liturgy of the Word. Remember that God is Love, and what he wants from us is to learn how to love Him, others, and ourselves. How do you communicate with God? Do you talk, sing, or sit in silence listening to him? When do you pray? In the morning? During the day? Last thing at night before going to bed? What do you usually pray for? What do you think of as prayer? How often do your sponsor and parents pray? Please share your thoughts and theirs. *
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