Academy Student Survey
Please respond to each question by marking the letter that corresponds to your answer.
Please choose the academy you are enrolled in.
What grade are you currently in?
What is your gender?
How many years (including this year) have you been in this academy?
Were you enrolled in a middle school pre-academy that is tied to this academy?
Did you apply to be a part of this academy?
Did you transfer from another school in order to to enroll in this academy?
In at least one of your academic classes (English, science, history, math), most or all of the students are from your academy.
At least one of your academic teachers works closely with your academy or CTE teacher. (For example, the work in a science class is connected to work in the academy class.)
The work you do in at least one academic course requires you to solve problems and think critically as you complete projects tied to your academy.
This academy offers at least one industry certification.
I plan to enter a career field directly related to this career academy.
In this academy I have learned about several career options.
I interact with business and/or community partners as part of my academy experience. Examples could include 1) interacting with business/community partners to carry out academy activities. 2) participating in advisory board meetings. 3) talking to business partners during trips to the workplace or as part of WE3. 4) having business/community partners in the academy classroom.)
Business or community partners come to your academy classes and present information important to the academy experience.
As part of the academy, I have participated in a work-based experience such as an internship or job shadowing outside of school.
As part of the academy, I am participating in a capstone project that has different components completed in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.
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