Survey - Second Harbour Crossing
Hi, we are Emily and Anes and we are Year 13 students at Rangitoto College. For our NCEA level 3 Geography internal assessment, we are researching the proposed Additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing. The crossing is a proposed bridge connecting the North Shore and the Auckland CBD.
It is aimed to reduce traffic congestion on the Auckland Harbour Bridge for easier access to and from the CBD.
1. Gender: *
2. Age group: *
3. What area do you live in Auckland? *
4. What form of transport do you commonly use? *
5. Do you use the Auckland Harbour Bridge often? *
6. Were you aware of this proposed plan of the Additional Harbour Crossing in Auckland? *
If you weren't aware, this is the current concept of the additional harbour bridge
7. Would building the additional harbour crossing affect you? *
8. If the second harbour crossing affects you, would it have:
9. What do you think is the most negative effect of building the crossing? *
10. What do you think is the most positive effect of building the crossing? *
11. Do you support the building of the additional harbour crossing in Auckland? *
12. Do you want this plan to proceed? *
13. If you chose 'build it in different location', where would you prefer?
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14. Would you use the additional crossing instead of your current route if it was built? *
15. Do you have any other comments to say about this plan?
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Thank you so much for your time! :)
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