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This questionnaire gathers information for the project wonderphilosophy: Workshop ON Discovering Entrance Requirements for Philosophy graduate programs (, which aims to collect information concerning the philosophy graduate school application process and distribute it to students from underprivileged backgrounds who may have trouble acquiring this information. The questionnaire contains questions I (along with some of my graduate student friends) have been curious about but was never able to find out the answers to. Hence the crowd-sourcing.
Please do not feel the obligation to speak "on behalf of all admission committees". Disagreements over criteria, if they exist, are important information too. Please feel free to answer as much or as little as you'd like. The answers will be informally synthesized by me and reported on the wonderphilosophy website anonymously. Comments may be quoted.
If you have any questions concerning this questionnaire or the project at large, please contact me (Kino Zhao from UC-Irvine, LPS) at
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Is it true that a high GPA means someone can afford a low GRE score and vice-versa?
How important is it to have the writing sample be on the same topic the applicant is trying to pursue?
What would inspire your confidence in an applicant with low undergraduate GPA?
What would inspire your confidence in an applicant with non-philosophy background?
What would inspire your confidence in an applicant who does not have a clear research direction in mind?
Are you worried if it looks like none of the letter writers knows the applicant especially well?
How do you feel if an applicant cold email you to ask about admission? Does that reflect positively or negatively on the applicant?
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