iRise & Shine Wellness Training Program
START DATE: 03/29/2021 (12-WEEKS)
COST: $180 USD (for the entire 3 month program)

At the iRise Above Foundation, we believe that young women diagnosed with breast cancer deserve to have an outstanding quality of life, feel empowered, and receive inspirational support.

Young women diagnosed with breast cancer face a unique set of challenges that their older counterparts do not. Our mission is to surround these young women with targeted, age-appropriate, and connected health and wellness resources and tools to enable them to rise above the residual effects of breast cancer, heal and live well.

iRise Above is teaming up with our Wellness Collective of experts in the areas of fitness, body movement, nutrition, and positive-mindset, to offer a series of twelve (12)-week online iRise & Shine Wellness Training Programs for young women recovering from the residual effects of breast cancer, who wish to heal and live well.

These training programs are designed with the best evidence-based fitness, body movement, nutrition, and positive-mindset that provides our community with a versatile solution to help them to feel their best and enjoy long-term survivorship – and THRIVE!

The foundation of the iRise & Shine Wellness Training Program is inspiration, empowerment, and support. The goal is to educate members so that they will not only achieve amazing results but have the knowledge, resources, tools, and confidence to maintain the results long-term. This is achieved through four core pillars of the program:

1. EXERCISE – Empowers members with a flexible online training program that will allow them to build upon their current weekly routine. The goal is to help members to safely and effectively build strength, endurance, and muscle to gain confidence and boost self-esteem.

2. NUTRITION – Empowers members with the knowledge, resources, and tools required to build their own flexible anti-cancer nutrition habits that will help them to achieve their goals in a safe and sustainable manner.

3. HEALTHY MINDSET – Programming that inspires, empowers and supports the online community members to focus on their strengths, ditch the self-limiting beliefs that diminish the capacity for positivity, and increase the feelings of motivation, resiliency, and wellness. Members will learn tools to break from the limitation and hopelessness of a breast cancer diagnosis, so they can start living fully. Together we work to shift perspectives to the present moment and anticipate the future through a more positive lens in an effort to significantly improve the quality of lives of our community.

4. COMMUNITY – Inspires and supports the online community members with a fun and interactive online wellness experience, builds camaraderie, accountability, and the support from like-minded young, working to overcome the residual effects of breast cancer, heal and live well.



Kristi K.
Age 46
Bethesda, MD

"Combining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being were crucial to me during my breast cancer treatment nine years ago, but I had gotten away from them over the years. The iRise and Shine Wellness Training Program was exactly the boost that I needed to revitalize all of those areas of my life with the added support of a community of survivors who face similar challenges. This regimen armed me with the latest information about nutrition, exercise, sexual health, and spiritual well-being targeted to young women after breast cancer, but it was the encouragement of the community of like-women, and our compassionate trainers, that empowered me to make the most of these tools.

The weekly presentations about topics ranging from sexual health to spiritual discovery were not only informative and evidenced-based, they were delivered by compassionate and empathetic experts. Check-ins and light-hearted discussions on social media and via the fitness app added accountability. But my favorite element of the program were Jake Wright’s workouts, which are individually tailored to each participant.  I am an avid runner who has participated in dozens of live and recorded exercise programs over decades, and I found Jake’s to be the most effective and accessible of them all. As a runner, I am leery of exercise programs that are too strenuous and require a lot of plyometrics – Jake’s workouts offer just the right amount of targeted-challenge that delivered results and they can be modified. I really appreciated his short videos that describe and demonstrate each exercise.

This program offered the tools and encouragement that I needed to take back control of my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and cultivate a rich and well-rounded life after breast cancer."


Andrea S.
Age 45
Toronto, ON

"I felt lost after active treatment, the iRise & Shine Wellness Training Program really helped me find my way. The workouts are fun and keep me active and accountable. If I need a little motivation, the ladies are always there for support."


Karen R.
Age 37
Toronto, ON

"I was fortunate that during my treatment I felt well enough to stay physically active, yet I found that all wellness programs catering to women with breast cancer were designed for an older population and there were not a lot of programs that would be applicable to young and active breast cancer patients. The exercise and training component of the iRise & Shine Wellness Training Program was vigorous enough to be challenging to even the most active participant, but customizable enough to appeal to someone new to working out. The seminars were very relevant to issues facing young women with breast cancer and the online community provided accountability and a place to share our triumphs and frustrations."

Invest in yourself. Rise and shine ABOVE breast cancer! Begin your healing journey NOW!

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At iRise Above we believe in challenging old paradigms and changing perceptions of what it means to have breast cancer. We do not believe that breast cancer defines a woman, but rather, provides the fuel to propel her forward. iRise Above will be launching a new initiative called "The Booby Blogs". The intent of the blog is to interview young women and their unique experiences and challenges around breast cancer - and how she is RISING ABOVE adversity. The topic of discussion for the interview will be driven by your story. You can remain anonymous or be named (first name only). Would you be interested in participating? *
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