GKE Classic 2016 Vending Application (Nov 4th - 6th, 2016 - NJ)
The Vendor Application closed on August 5, 2016. You may still apply, for the Waitlist. Wait listed vendors will be contacted in case of a vendor cancellation no later than October 21st, 2016.

Filling out this application is required, but not sufficient, to vend at:

The Geeky Kink Event
on November 4th - 6th, 2016
in Piscataway, New Jersey

We will be reviewing all applications for the 30 vending spaces available based on the best matches for this event and its geeky, kinky appeal!

Due to limited space in our venues, we cannot push this number. Almost all vending will be room vending with a few spaces for tables. There will be NO large booths available, so as to conserve our limited space for our dungeon, demonstrations, and other programming.

We greatly appreciate our past vendors. Having a positive history with us will weigh very favorably toward receiving an invitation to return. However, vending at GKE or GKE: New England in the past does not guarantee acceptance for 2016 events, as we test the waters of the GKE experiences and modify our offerings in programming, vendors, performers and more each year.

Vending fees begin at $265 and increase depending on space. See options below.

We will be closing Applications on August 5th, 2016. We will notify all applying vendors of their status by September 10th, 2016--if we have accepted the application, wait listed the application, or declined the application. Wait listed vendors will be contacted in case of a vendor cancellation no later than October 21st, 2016.

Payment will be due upon receipt of invoice for accepted vendors. If a vendor has not made payment (or made arrangements for delayed payment) within 2 weeks of acceptance into the event, their space will open up to other applicants and the original vendor will be placed on the Wait List.

Thank you! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you at this year's GKE!

General Information
Business Name: *
As you would have yourself named on our website if accepted
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Contact Person's Name *
Whomever we will primarily be interacting with regarding this application
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Contact Email: *
We will be using this for most correspondence.
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Paypal email *
The address you prefer paypal invoices sent to.
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Please list the URL for a promotional image that we may use on our website for you. *
3:2 ratio preferred.
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Business Phone #: *
Please list a phone number. If you need to discuss payment details or sponsorship by phone, this can be arranged. WE PRIMARILY WORK VIA EMAIL and will not be calling accepted vendors.
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Please list the URLs to any social media accounts (twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc) that are linked with your business
Include the full URL
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About Your Business & Wares
Website (with pictures of wares) *
We will be using your website both to link back to you on our site if we accept your application, AND to evaluate your wares and services (especially appropriateness to the event). If your website does not have pictures representative of the wares or services you will be selling at event, please send representative photos from your listed Contact Email to vendors@jeffmachevents.com to ensure your application is complete.
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Please give a short (<50 words) description of your business. *
This will be used on our website if your application is accepted. This is not required, but its really useful for us.
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Primary Wares *
IMPORTANT: Due to arrangements we have made for services to our event from specific vendors, we cannot accept more: body painting, henna, face painting, or sale of board games, CCGs, and other geek-gaming like one would find in our Gaming Room. If these are among your wares, please do not bring them to the GKEs, as you will be violating our contracts. Thank you!
Secondary Wares
(or if selected "other" above, explain here)
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What is the Kinkiest item you sell? *
We're flexible about definitions here. Feel free to paste a web link if you have one.
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What is the Geekiest item you sell? *
Still flexible. Both of these questions are used to help see how well you fit our event. We are a GEEKY kink event, so it's important we cater to both those needs! We will be prioritizing added in new vendors with GEEK-APPEAL!
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Vending Needs
Your space requests, badge requests, and table/chair needs.

Vending hours are as follows:

* Room Vendors - May open and close as they see fit, but not earlier than the open of Event on Friday and not later than the close of Event on Sunday.

* Table Vendors - Open and close each day with Programming schedule.

IMPORTANT: Please check in and retrieve your badges from the Vendor Check-In table before opening for sales on Friday. Table vendors cannot start their set-up until they have checked in with the vendor team. Room vendors can begin their set-up once they have access to their room, but it is great importance to check-in so we know that you have arrived! Thank you! :)

Which vending package are you interested in? *
NOTE: There are no large booth spaces available at this event. These are the only configurations available. If you select multiple and are accepted, we will reply with which option we accepted from your application.
Will you need the bed removed from your room? *
This involves an additional $150 charge directly from the hotel
If you are applying for Room Vending: have you reserved a hotel room? *
We will need your confirmation number to place you in the Room Vendor Hallway.
Please provide the legal name of the person who will be responsible for your hotel charges if accepted for Room Vending. *
If you are not applying for room vending, please type NA
Your answer
How many total admissions will you need for yourself + assistants? We will invoice you for the additional assistants' half-price general admissions. *
All vendors and assistants must be 19+. (1 Room Vending space = 3 free general admissions; 1 Table Vending space = 2 free general admissions). We will require the legal names of all vendors + assistants before event. We reserve the right to limit the number of half-price general admissions. There is no discount for unused free general admissions.
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Any technical or set-up needs? Please write "none" if you have no further needs. *
Table vendors automatically will be given 1 table and 2 chairs. Room vendors must list if they wish for tables and chairs.
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Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
We have a variety of sponsorship and advertising possibilities.
Playbill and web advertising and social media sponsorships
Bag Stuffers
Dungeon Equipment Sponsorship - and more!
Please visit http://thegeekykinkevent.com/contact/sponsor-app/ for more information and to place and order.
Invoicing and Payment
Invoicing and Payment Agreement *
Invoice will be issued upon acceptance. Payment or payment arrangement must be made within 2 weeks of invoice date, or your space will revert to waitlist status. Invoice is sent via Square to the email address you provided above. An incorrect address does not affect this agreement.
Mailing List Opt-out
I understand that filling out this application gives Jeff Mach Events permission to add my contact information to the JME vending mailing lists. Emails may be sent regarding vending opportunities and other JME related information. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please check the opt-out button below.
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