Producer Survey
New Hampshire Meat and Poultry Project

This survey is intended to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to identify the challenges that producers face and consider strategies to address those challenges. Please mark the appropriate box and feel free to provide additional information in the designated spaces.
What kind of farming operation do you have?
Please select the category that best describes you:
What county is your operation located in?
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Where do you sell?
What is your selling radius?
Is there more demand than what you produce?
What times of the year do you process animals?
Do you ever have trouble scheduling processing appointments?
How many animals do you typically transport for processing at a time?
How far is the processing facility from the farm operation?
Would you like to expand your operation?
If you would consider expanding your operation, what are the challenges that you face?
Please share any additional thoughts about challenges and/or strategies to increase production and processing of locally raised meat in New Hampshire:
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