COVID-19: Native American Small Business Impact Survey
We and several other Native organizations are uniting to identify resources and best practices to help Native Businesses not just survive but potentially grow despite the uncertainty of the current pandemic.

The current effort will result in a resource list on our Facebook Page
( to augment existing resources, but tailored to Native Businesses.

We see this as an opportunity to strengthen the community of Native entrepreneurs, support each other and identify real solutions for our businesses and the often remote communities we serve.

Please take no more than 10 minutes to fill out this anonymous survey.

Please know that this a community-sourced survey with the following partners:
Roanhorse Consulting, LLC
Native Women Lead
Change Labs
Native Community Capital
New Mexico Community Capital

Your answers will help us respond to our community needs during this crisis. Thank you!
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If you answer more than 1 to the question above, what percentage of employees do you anticipate will be impacted by a potential slow down in your business?
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Gender identity?
Do you have access to the internet?
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