2021 Summer Instructor Application
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Please fill out this form to apply to be a class instructor with Mission InspirEd! We're looking for passionate instructors to teach middle school/elementary students in a subject of your choice. You will have the chance to develop your own curriculum and teach the class (co-instructor optional).
Based on schedules and availability, you may prefer to teach a weekly or daily program.

Details below:

Weekly course program: 1-2 hour classes will run weekly from early July to late August. Depending on availability, courses are up to 6-8 weeks long. Total time commitment 15-25 hours.

Daily summer program: 4-7 hour classes will run daily for around 5 days, anytime from early July to late August. Total time commitment is 20-40 hours.

We'll contact you by May 31st!
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Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon. Please also check your spam/junk mail in the following weeks.
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