Digital Art Commissions
This form can be filled out if you'd like to commission me! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please give me up to 24 hours to respond.

ATTENTION: I only accept paypal for orders submitted through this form! For Stripe payments, please go to this page:

Email address *
What do I offer?
I draw turret heads, aka object heads with tank turrets as heads. You can find examples of my art here:

What I DO:
-- All genders
-- Most bodytypes (see below for exceptions)

What I WON'T DO:
-- Fetishes (except size kink and BDSM)
-- Offensive art
-- Gore (mild violence is okay)
-- Very obese or very skinny people
-- Children (can't draw them well, sorry!)

Thank you for your interest! Please continue to the next sections if you'd like to order!
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