Cyber safety in European schools
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1. Do you feel safe and secure when using Internet and digital technologies? *
2. How do you protect your privacy and security? *
3. On week days , how long do you spend on the Internet (in hours) each day? *
4. During the weekends, how long do you spend on the Internet (in hours) each day? *
5. Do you discuss safe use of the Internet *
6. Do you receive e-safety education at school ? *
7. Which of these terms are esafety dangers? (Only tick the ones you are aware of!). *
8. Do you ever download music, video or software illegally? *
9. Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying? *
10. What do you do if somebody says something hurtful to you online, or if something makes you feel uncomfortable? *
11. Do you make backup copies? *
12. What anti-virus software do you use on your computer or mobile device?
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13. Have you noticed the negative impact of technology in your life? * *
14. What best tips will help keep you out of trouble online.
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