Case Studies Cyberbullying 1: Attacked from All Sides
Read the first case study and answer the questions with your group. Your group is the people that sit in your row. Be prepared to share your responses with the class.

Attacked from All Sides

Eric gets a lot of pressure from his parents to do well in school. Other kids in school tease him because he works so hard but still gets poor test scores. He gets instant messages and text messages during the day and at night about his poor grades. The word “loser” is in most of them, and the language becomes stronger every day. Today he received a text from a number he did not recognize, with a photo of his body with a turkey’s head. A thought bubble above the picture reads: “Why am I so STUPID? What a *!*#&** I am.” Eric thinks Alexis, the most popular girl in he eighth grade, is behind the message.

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1. Do you think Eric should tell his parents about the cyberbullying? *
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2. What qualities do you think a “trusted adult” should have? Who are these people in your life? In what ways can a trusted adult actually be effective? *
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3. If Alexis was the bully, what could school personnel, such as the principal, do or say to Alexis to make her realize that her behavior is wrong? *
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4. Have you ever been part of, or heard of, a situation similar to this? If so, share the story with the group without using names or details *
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