2020 OJCL Candidate Pre-File Form
Salvēte omnēs!

Thank you for your interest in running for office on the OJCL Executive Board! Please answer the questions below carefully and thoughtfully to pre-file for office. You are highly encouraged to consult the OJCL Constitution and By-Laws (http://www.ojcl.org/documents) to view the eligibility rules and duties of each office.

A couple of rules and reminders:
-You may not pre-file for an office that a member of your delegation currently holds.
-You MUST have permission from your sponsor and parent to pre-file and run.
-No more than TWO delegates per delegation may pre-file for office.
-Only ONE delegate from each school may pre-file for each respective office.
-No pre-convention campaigning.
-If you pre-file, you may not appear on OJCL social media posts until after convention in the interest of fairness.

You may want to copy the questions on the next page onto a word processor, fill out the answers there, and then paste them back onto this form.

The deadline for this form is February 23, 2020, at 11:59 PM.

If you have any further questions, please email Parliamentarian Krish Gupta at parliamentarian@ojcl.org. Thank you so much, and see you at convention!
By-Laws and Documents
It is highly recommended that you review the OJCL Constitutions and By-Laws before continuing. View them at this link: http://www.ojcl.org/documents
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Will you attend National Convention? *
Will you attend the following six important events: Spring Changeover (April 18, 2020), Fall Planning (September 26, 2020), Winter Planning (January 23, 2021), and Spring Changeover (April 24, 2021), as well as Fall Forum (October 17, 2020), and State Convention (March 12-14, 2021)? *
School Latin Club Board experience: *
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Relevant experience/traits for the given office: *
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School/Non-school related activities; sports, hobbies, etc. and how you will balance these with your officer duties: *
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What have you done to understand the duties of the office you are seeking? *
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Do you have any goals/ideas for the Executive Board and/or the OJCL? Please be specific to the office you are seeking. *
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Why would you like to become a member of the OJCL Executive Board? *
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Other Biographical Information/Comments:
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Once you have finished filling out this application, you MUST print out this form and have your parent AND sponsor sign. Take a picture and email it to Parliamentarian Krish Gupta at parliamentarian@ojcl.org. Failure to complete this final step will result in your disqualification from running for office. You can also ask your parent and sponsor to email the Parliamentarian their approval of your candidacy for office, but you must either send the picture or the two emails. Please get it done! *
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