Cricket Canada report card
Cricket Canada is one year into its strategic plan. We are looking for grass-roots opinions on how it is performing to date. Please give a grade for each of the main strategic objectives, and an overall grade.. You are welcome to identify yourself or submit anonymously. Submissions are monitored to prevent duplicate entries.
The strategic plan can be viewed at
The Strategic objectives are:
- To grow cricket in Canada – Go Cricket
- Raise the profile of cricket through promotion and public engagement – Go Canada
- To develop and maintain the highest standards of governance and financial management – Good Governance
- To deliver competitive success through implementing and supporting the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model
- To achieve growth through a sustainable stream of resources – Resource Planning
- To deliver competitive success – Winning Teams

You are advised to look through the plan as it lists specific actions and metrics for evaluating success. If you are unsure as to the performance for any given objective, a C grade is appropriate.
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Grade for objective 1 - To grow cricket in Canada
Grade for objective 2 - Raise the profile of cricket
Grade for objective 3 - Good Governance
Grade for objective 4 - Competitive success through LTAD implementation
Grade for objective 5 - Resource Planning
Grade for objective 6 - Winning teams
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