Shutesbury Athletic Club Function Room/Pavilion Rental Agreement
Thank you for choosing the Shutesbury Athletic Club as your event location!  Rental fees and the increased use of the space helps to keep the Club open and the lights on. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following rental guidelines of the Club’s facilities. Then please fill out the reservation form on the last page.
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Rental Guidelines
• Events are to be reserved under the name of a club member who is in good standing.
• Events are to be held during the SAC’s normal business hours, except by advance arrangement with the Booking Coordinator
  (currently, Mark LeLacheur
• The renter must notify the SAC of the number of people expected to attend.
• The SAC’s rental spaces for events include the Function Room and/or the Pavilion, with use of the kitchen, if needed.
• In the kitchen, the Club’s appliances and kitchenware (utensils, plates, bowls, pots, pans, etc.) may all be used for your event.
  Renters are responsible for purchasing any disposable goods (plates, utensils, napkins, cups, etc.) that they wish to use.
• Events must end and cleanup must be completed before the SAC closing time, unless prior arrangements have been made with
  the Booking Coordinator.
• The Rental Fee is $100 per event. The Rental Fee is due at the time of your booking. Cancellations with more than 10 days
   notice will receive a $50 refund of the Rental Fee. No refund of the Rental Fee will be granted for cancellations within 10 days.
• There is a $100 Security\Cleanup Deposit per event. The Renter is responsible for cleaning up after the event. The Cleanup
   Deposit is due at the time of your booking. The Cleanup Deposit will be returned if all spaces that have been used for the event
   (i.e., Function Room, Pavilion, and/or kitchen) have been left cleaned and there is no damage. (See “Cleanup Details” below.)  
• NO outside beverages, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, are allowed at events, EXCEPT by prior arrangement.
• Any kind of music at events must be approved in advance. Music is only allowed at events when it does not conflict with other
  music that the SAC might have already scheduled for the premises at that time.  Live music performed outside under the
  Pavilion must end no later than 10pm.
• Renters are responsible for the behavior, oversight, and safety of their guests, including children, both inside and outside.
• Renters agree to keep all exits unobstructed and free for egress and not to create fire or other safety hazards of any kind.
• There will be a SAC staff person and/or board member on hand during every event.
• In the winter, and when otherwise applicable, the SAC will make sure that rental spaces for events are adequately warm,
   including the maintaining and filling of any wood stoves.

Patronizing the Bar during Events
• If your event is held during normal operating hours, the bar will be open for cash purchases only.  
• Please notify your guests that, if they are not current members of the Club, they will be required to sign in and pay the small
  $1.00 daily membership fee on top of their first drink at the bar.
• Please remind your guests that the Club’s bar is cash-only. We have an ATM on the premises!  
• “Open bar” arrangements can be made for your event with advanced agreement with the Booking Coordinator and Bar Manager.
   In the case of an “open bar,” the renter then agrees to pay a gratuity of at least 25% on top of the bar tab.

Planning your event
• In order for your event to be most successful, you are encouraged to visit the rental spaces at the SAC well in advance of your
  event and get a firsthand feel for the lay of the land.  
• This is your event!  Please be sure to ask yourself what organizing or decorating you may need to do for your event above and
   beyond what you see at the SAC, such that everything suits your own taste and preferences.  (Please note that decorations
   may only be put up with white sticky tack, or painter’s tape.  NO masking\duct tape may be used. No holes of any sort may be
   put in the walls, ceiling, or floors.)
• Any questions on details you are no sure about, please ask us.
• If you will be advertising your event, whether online or with flyers and posters (or by other means), please show us in
  advance! Show us your advertising materials before you publish them, so that we are all on the same page, and so that we can
  help with any tips and suggestions for successful ads.

Cleanup Details
• The Club’s staff and/or board will make sure that rental spaces are reasonably clean before each event.  Seeing as you are a
   member of the SAC too, we greatly appreciate it if you operate under the philosophy of “leave it somehow better than it was,” in
   terms of cleaning up (for example, take out that extra bag of garbage, tidy up that forgotten drawer, sweep around that extra
• We have some bar rags, dish towels, dish soap, Windex, etc. for you to use. If you would please bring your own cleaning
   supplies to supplement any of these (more dish soap, sponges, paper towels, and the like), we would be very grateful.
• After events, the tables in the Function Room must be wiped clean, and the chairs should be arranged around the tables. No
  debris or messes are to be left on the Function Room floor (brooms and dustpans are available).  
• Outside and under the pavilion, please leave no trash after events. Any tables and chairs borrowed from the Club’s back room
  for the pavilion should be returned to the back room. Please make sure that there are no messes or debris on the pavilion floor
  (an outdoor broom is available).      
• All kitchen items (plates, utensils, pots, pans etc.) must be cleaned, dried, and put away.  The kitchen counters and stove are to
  be wiped clean. The kitchen floor is to be swept.
• Leftover food is not to be left at the Club unless the SAC staff agree to it.
• Any trash must be bagged in Shutesbury town garbage bags.  Please bring your own town garbage bags to use, or we will have
  some available at $2 each. Full bags of trash are to be tied up and removed to the back room in the pavilion (ask SAC staff for  help )
Quick Checklist
1. Fill out the Rental Agreement form below.
2. The SAC Booking Coordinator will contact you to confirm whether the date is available for your rental and go over the details.
3. Pay your Rental Fee and Cleanup Deposit.
4. Visit the Club in person and see what supplies and decorations you’ll need.
5. Contact your guests, giving them the details on the event, and on how the Club and bar operate.
6. Prepare and distribute any advertising or other publicity materials. Get the Club approval first.
7. If applicable, establish a procedure with the Club for the selling of any advance tickets for the event.
8. Be mindful of the 10-day cancellation window.
9. The Booking Coordinator will tell you when you may come to the Club and start preparing the event space, as well as when the
     kitchen, if needed, will be available for you.  
10. Please remember to bring some town trash bags and cleaning supplies.

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Drink Arrangements:
Renter agrees to Drink Arrangements and agrees to pay at least a 25% gratuity on top of the bar tab if open bar.
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