Smart Jewelry Product Survey
We want to introduce you to the world's first customizable smart jewelry- Sakhi! A smart jewelry that is customizable to match your daily attire, and can be loaded up, or toned down to match the occasion.

Sakhi does not only look beautiful; it can be used as kid tracker, fitness tracker, and a discrete SOS trigger device. Visit our website for more information:

Summary of key features of Sakhi:

>Customizable: User can add beads and charms to the bracelet to match their tastes, daily attire or the occasion.

>Kid Tracker: Sakhi has a unique feature of long range secure device-to-device direct communication. This direct link allows the user to track their kid wearing "Sakhi-Radius" (our Kids GPS watch product) up to 1 km/0.62 mile radius. Perfect example is when kids play outside the house/ playground and are not visible to the parents, parents will be worried about the safety of the kids. With a unique feature of long range device to device communication, parent can see the location of the kid as well as set a geo-fence to alert. This direct device to device communication shall work even if there is no cellular signal, which is not true in most of the kids tracker in the market.

>Fitness tracker: Just like other fitness trackers, Sakhi connects to users phone via Bluetooth and provides fitness tracking data such as counting steps, calories burnt etc..

>SOS trigger device: Under a threat or distress or a critical health condition, the user trigger a SOS alert to the pre-configured help network using Sakhi device. Sakhi transmits the SOS alert along with GPS information with or without the user's phone (provided other Sakhi device is within 1 km radius). This additional path of connection is helpful in situations when users cell phone has been broken, stolen or has no cellular connection.

We want your valuable feedback and input on this unique product family - Sakhi bracelet and Radius Kids GPS watch we are developing.

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