Odyssey of the Mind Commitment Form
Fill out this form to express interest in joining an Odyssey of the Mind team. Complete this form by October 16. We will make every attempt to have all teams finalized by October 23.
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I wish to join an Odyssey of the Mind team and compete in one of the 2020-21 problems. I understand that I need to pull my own weight by regular attendance at meetings and continual effort of input and output toward the team's goals. I also commit that I will do my best to be available for all team functions. *
Parents understand that their child is making a commitment to a team. They also agree to be responsible for getting their child to and from all practices on time. They agree to occasionally provide snacks for the team. And they understand there will be times when they need to assist the team in a volunteering capacity. *
Please list students with whom you'd work productively and have discussed forming a team. *
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It's more important to be placed (choose one) *
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By typing your first and last names you are agreeing to being placed on an OM team. The school will attempt to place you on a team, but cannot guarantee placement. Once placed student and parent agree to commit to the success of the team by attempting to make all practices and performances.
Please list coaches who are willing to work with your team. Include coach phone and email address. *
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