SEA Admit Weekend 2018 Travel Scholarship Application
The goal of SEA Admit Weekend is to invite all of the Southeast Asian admits to UCLA, allowing them an opportunity to spend a weekend experiencing life as a Bruin. SEA Admit Weekend is not only an opportunity to experience college life at UCLA, it is also a great chance to gain community awareness, learn how to utilize resources and opportunities offered at UCLA, and build lasting relations with fellow admits and the Southeast Asian community.
In an effort to make this program equally accessible to all applicants regardless of background, we are offering travel scholarships for applicants who may encounter difficulties financing their transportation to and from UCLA.

Keep in mind that if you are an admit from the Orange County or Los Angeles, free, need-based transportation will be provided and this travel scholarship is not intended for you. Also bear in mind that since this scholarship is intended to maximize the opportunities for SEA students to experience what higher education has to offer, we want to allocate these scholarships to those who are in the greatest need of them. For that reason, only apply if you truly would not be able to attend SEA Admit Weekend otherwise. Please note that due to limited funds, not all applicants will receive a scholarship, and that some scholarships will be subsidized rather than completely cover travel costs.

For students from NORTHERN CALIFORNIA who receive a scholarship: There is a high likelihood that your scholarship will be awarded to you in the form of an Amtrak ticket. For that reason, you will miss school on Thursday as well, as you will leave early Thursday morning to arrive at UCLA for registration.

Application will be received and processed on a rolling basis. First come, first serve. This application is DUE BY FRIDAY MARCH 30TH AT 11:59 PM PST.

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