Internship Program Evaluation
Thank you for participating in our internship program.  We value our partnership and encourage your feedback.  Your written comments below are especially welcome as we continue to provide quality services to our business partners and students.
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1. How knowledgeable is the Coastline ROP instructor about your company’s culture and expectations? *
2. To what degree were the interns placed at your company prepared to assume and perform their internship duties? *
3. How satisfied are you with the instructor’s supervision of the students at your site? *
4. Which of the following student learning outcomes have the intern(s) had the opportunity to demonstrate during  the internship time at your company: *
5. Has your company employed Coastline ROP students from this internship experience? *
6. Overall, how satisfied has your company been with your partnership with Coastline ROP? *
7. Does your company plan to partner with Coastline ROP next semester?   *
7a. If no, please explain why:
8. What are the strengths of this internship program and which areas need improvement? *
9. May Coastline ROP recognize our partnership on social media and/or list your company name and/or logo on our website as seen here ? *
10. Would your company be willing to provide a testimonial promoting the internship program? *
10a. If yes, please provide testimonial and check box for media release statement below:
11. Which method do you prefer to be recognized for your contribution to the Coastline ROP internship program (check all that apply):  
I understand that Coastline ROP produces promotional, advertising and marketing material that consists of photographs, video, audio and/or personal statements (the “Material”). I hereby consent to Coastline ROP’s right to use any such Material made by or featuring me.Coastline ROP shall have the right to edit, alter, copy, and/or reproduce in print and electronically, exhibit, publish or distribute the Material for purposes of publicizing Coastline ROP’s programs or for any other lawful purpose. I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein the Material appears. I understand that I will receive no compensation for the Material. All Material becomes the property of Coastline ROP. *
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