Harding High School Cell Phone Policy Survey
Numerous studies have shown that cell phones create distractions in classrooms and interfere with student learning. Our goal is to create an environment that supports learning and student engagement in the classroom.

We are proposing a policy that will prohibit cell phones and ear buds in all classrooms during the school day. Phones may be used before and after school, during passing time, and during lunch.

Students who do not comply with this policy will be directed to give their phones to a staff member to be locked up in the office for the remainder of the day. After giving their phone to the designated staff member, the student will re-enter the classroom and continue with their learning. The student may retrieve their cell phone at the end of the school day. If the student refuses to give their cell phone to the staff member, the student will be referred to their grade level assistant principal (AP). The student will have another opportunity to turn in their phone, with the possibility that a parent may be notified. If the student continues to refuse to cooperate, the AP will take appropriate action.

Ongoing cell phone violations may result in parents being notified to pick up the phone at the end of the day.


Phase 1: Staff cell phone committee develops the Cell Phone Policy (Spring 2019)

Phase 2: Parent Feedback (October 2019)

Phase 3: Incorporate parent feedback and make any needed revisions to policy (Nov-Dec 2019)

Phase 4: Pilot cell phone policy in a small number of classes (Spring Semester 2020)

Phase 5: Communication of school wide policy to parents, student and staff (Spring 2020)

Phase 6: Implement new policy (Fall 2020)
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