Talk/Panel/Workshop/Content Submission - A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2017
Submissions of content that will form part of the programme of the A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2017 - 6th International Games and Playful Media Festival, running from 13-16th September, 2017!

Please submit all your weirdest; most playful; and strangest ideas. We want to hear post-mortems; design poetry; love letters to the future of playful media; workshops to teach people new and awesome things; and especially content tiptoeing around the fringes of games/play/interaction. If you have a semblance of a cool idea, don't think - just submit it for consideration!

Open to both international and African submissions!

Please note - this is a submission only! Not all submissions will be become part of the final programme!

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS JULY 7th, 2017, 11:59PM Central African Time (CAT)

Festival website 2016: (update soon)

For any inquiries, contact &

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Talks are about 20-30 minutes. Workshops are 1-2 hours or longer on request. Hyper talks are short (<5 min) talks that will be done all together in one batch. Performances are anything your heart imagines.
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