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In 2019, the SCS Board of Directors designated $25,000 that was used to sponsor public events as part of the “Classics Everywhere” initiative. In 2020, 2021 and 2022, the program is continuing with grant funding, but has recently been renamed and reimagined as the “Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities” initiative. The goal of this initiative is to engage individuals, groups, and communities in critical discussion of and creative expression related to the ancient Mediterranean, the global reception of Greek and Roman culture, and the history of teaching and scholarship in the field of classical studies. We invite applications from individuals, organizations, and/or communities to apply to the “Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities” committee for mini-grants of up to $2,000 to support works in these areas. The committee is particularly interested in projects that focus on long traditions of engagement with ancient Mediterranean culture that have been excluded from classics curricula; projects proposed by rather than for historically underrepresented minoritized communities; interdisciplinary collaborations; artistic projects and creative adaptations; projects involving global reception and comparative approaches; and projects that are critical of classics as it has been practiced and structured as a discipline. Events and programs may focus on ancient languages, works of literature, art, architecture, and culture, on ancient history, on more contemporary works inspired by or reacting against the ancient world, or on the history of classics teaching and scholarship. They can be creative, analytical, or critical in focus.  The one basic requirement is that eligible programs work with their communities and/or create pathways for knowledge exchange beyond the classroom to engage broader publics.
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State in which event/program will take place (non-US applicants should list their country only)
Dates of the event/program
Amount of funding requested (max $2,000)
Describe your event or program and its goals:
List the names of all organizers and key participants:
Provide a detailed description of your project’s procedures and/or activities and explain how they will achieve your project goals:
Comment on any interdisciplinary collaborations that your project includes or encourages:
Describe whether and how your project creates opportunities for knowledge exchange and discussion within diverse communities, including communities whose contributions to and engagement with the ancient Mediterranean world have been under-recognized by the field of classics:
Comment on your strategies to build participation as well as the potential impact and value of your project:
Where else, in addition to the SCS, have you applied for funding for your project? If you have applied for additional funding, which aspects of your project and total budget would our funding support?
Please tell us how you intend to spend the funds requested, being as specific as you can. An itemized budget would be appreciated but is not required.
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