Future Of The EU: Have Your Say And Shape The Discussion
What do you want the EU to look like in 2025? Answer these questions below to have your say and you could win a hamper from the European Commission.
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Have you ever lived in another EU country?
How European do you consider yourself to be?
I don't feel European at all
I feel more European than anything else
How do you feel about the EU?
What do you value most about being European?
Do you think the EU might ever fall apart?
What do you think about Britain leaving the EU?
I think it's madness
I totally agree with them
Do you think the EU should have its own army?
Do you think Member States should give the European Commission more powers to address burden-sharing of migrants amongst Member States?
Do you think the EU should have its own police force?
Which of these best describes your preference for the EU's future in 2025?
Do you plan to vote in the MEP elections of 2019?
Do you think you know where your MEPs stand on the issues mentioned above?
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