MN State Fair Montessori Booth Feedback
The Minnesota Montessori Network has created the interactive Montessori exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair in the Education Building for five years. It has inspired countless families to find Montessori options for their families, as well as bring Montessori values into their homes. Delightfully, it has become The Great Montessori Get Together for current and alumni families and faculty!

Given that this endeavor requires substantial investment of time and money, it is critical to mindfully care for its value. At this five-year mark, your feedback is essential. Please use this quick survey to let us know your thoughts. Your answers will be anonymous, unless you choose to provide your name/email (which is needed if you would like to be added to the drawing for the toddler table placemat).
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If Montessori Booth 2020 exists, do you intend to volunteer next year in the Booth? *
If you do not intend to volunteer, please help us understand why not.
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Is there anything the Minnesota Montessori Network could do to facilitate your interest in or ability to volunteer next year?
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Any other feedback regarding the Montessori Booth?
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Please provide your name and email address if you would like us to contact you to follow up on any feedback or questions you provided or if you would like to join the 2020 Montessori Booth creation team! Provide your email address if you would like to be entered to be entered to win an embroidered toddler placemat/bib/napkin set.
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