Artist application for 'The Art of Reuse: Artist-led Workshops'
We are seeking local artists who are inspired to share their artistic ideas while also teaching creative reuse.

The Art of Reuse: Artist-led Workshops program will provide monthly workshops focused on creating art using reclaimed materials. The hands-on workshops will consist of meeting a featured local artist, learning about their art form, and creating a group or individual project. The goals of the program are to expose participants to a variety of art media and to Austin’s vibrant arts community while practicing the principles of sustainability and creative problem solving by giving discarded materials new life. There will be an honorarium for artists who lead a workshop.

Basic workshop guidelines:
- Workshops will be held the third Sunday of each month and will be approximately 2 hours in length.
- The primary material used should be reclaimed material available at Austin Creative Reuse.
- The number of participants will be limited to 30.

Thank you for your interest in Austin Creative Reuse.
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