Carbon Card survey
Here is a quick survey about an exciting idea that that can help you reduce your daily carbon footprint (with no extra work required)!

The plan is simple:
1. Create a bank card that calculates the carbon dioxide emitted due to production of the things that we buy.
2. Then at the end of each month the app will give you three choices of how it can offset your carbon footprint for you.

It’s already being developed in Belgium on a small scale, but with your help by filling out this survey, we’ll be able to grow it and bring it to your country!

The survey is quick (just 2 minutes), and the responses are anonymous.

Finally, PLEASE SHARE THIS - the more responses, the sooner it will become a reality and we can each contribute to a fully sustainable world!

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Do you know your own carbon footprint? (Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere due to the production of the products you use, e.g. petrol, food, clothing, flights, etc) *
Would you be interested in knowing the carbon footprint of your purchases? *
If a bank card and app calculated the carbon footprint of your purchases would you want to see it? *
If the card also offered an easy way, would you like to reduce your carbon footprint? *
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