Special Interest Group Request
Got a specific niche you want to celebrate at ROPECRAFT Chicago 2018? We want to help make it happen! Here's where you can tell us about your group and what the ideal situation would be for you. We will do our best to use our resources to give your group a space to gather. If we can't help, we'll let you know.
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Does your Group have a name? If not, that's fine; what would you like to call it?
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Please give us a short paragraph we can use to announce your SIG to the ROPECRAFT attendees.
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Who is invited to your special interest group? ("self-tying switches", "queer-identified", "left-handed riggers", "D&D cleric-fighters", whatever)
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What kind of space would be ideal for your group to gather?
What kind of equipment would you like in the room for your group? Select all that apply.
How long will your group meet?
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Anything else we should know about your group and its needs?
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