BEST Grant Application 2019
BEST Grant Application form | 2019-20
Deadline to submit via email: Monday, May 13th at 11:59pm

General Application Instructions:
Please fill out all components of this application to the best of your ability. If you are a returning BEST applicant, in addition to answering the questions your responses should emphasize how BEST has facilitated growth opportunities for you and/or your organization. It is important for us to understand how you plan on continuing to grow and strengthen your project/organization through additional BEST funding.

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General Information about your proposed project:
Please note that projects can be new or already existing projects
1. Name of organization and year started: *
2. Name of project: (please note that projects can be new or already existing) *
General information about grant applicants:
1. Who is the primary contact person for this grant application?
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2. Who are the other grant applicants/team members (minimum of three)?
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3. Who are your campus partners and/or community organizations that you will work in coalition with to carry out your project (if any)?
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Proposal Details
Please be as detailed as possible when you answer these questions.
Describe the campus climate problem that your project seeks to address and how your project will address the problem. For returning BEST applicants, please also describe how your BEST work has already improved campus climate. (500 word maximum): *
2. Describe your project’s activities that your project team will undertake (200 word maximum): *
3. Describe your targeted audience and/or community and why they are important to support as it pertains to campus climate. What social identities (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation), disciplines, and administrative units (e.g. SOLE) does your project engage with? (200 word maximum): *
4. Speak about your group’s strengths and capacity to complete this project (for example, what skills, knowledge, networks, partnerships, etc. does your team possess) (200 word maximum): *
5. Describe your group’s leadership challenges. You are not required to, but could address the following issues as examples: What skills do you need to strengthen? What practices do you use to develop new leaders? Is your project sustainable? How do you foster healthy leadership transitions? (200 word maximum): *
6. How does your group leadership support the project in navigating these challenges? How can BEST support your group in navigating the challenges above (for example more hands on support vs hands off)? (200 word maximum): *
7. Is there anything else that you would like us to consider when evaluating your proposal? (200 word maximum): *
BEST Grant Application Budget Form
Instructions: we need to understand your budget needs for your application for the BEST grant. Please upload a budget form so that we understand your major expense needs. Be sure to include a category for each budget item, include an estimated cost for each item and include a total amount for your grant request at the bottom.

Examples of budget categories can be food, honorarium, etc. You can create an excel sheet or a table and upload it. If you have any questions, please contact us at

We do not fund the following: Stand-alone conferences, attending external conferences, Work that is focused entirely off the UCLA campus

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