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We would love to help you find your new tenant! We are Renting Milan, a Milan based company helping landlords to continuously rent their apartment with trusted tenants. We do not ask for exclusivity, but a chance to prove ourselves to you.

Sounds fair? Here is how we can cooperate:

1. How?
We take professional photos of your apartment, to right away advertise your apartment on our website and social media channels.
2. Why are we special?
We work on a lasting relationship basis both with you and with our tenants, providing extensive help and support during the entire renting period. We are present at the move in and move out, and we are by your side during the entire rental period.
3. Who?
Our personally verified tenants are adapted to your requirements. Most of our clients are internationals students coming to study at Milan’s great universities. International students qualify themselves to be great tenants as they require strong financial security and personal maturity to take on such endeavors.
4. When do you get paid?
You will receive the security deposit from your tenant to your account upon the signature of the rent contract. You will also receive the first rent installment to your account before the tenant moves in. Only after you have been paid the deposit you will need to pay us a success based commission of 5% plus VAT on the rental period, up to 1 year.
5. What if you find a tenant by yourself?
That’s no problem, you won’t have to pay us anything. You will just need to inform us that the apartment is no longer available, and we will be happy to work with you again in the future.

Does that all sound good? Schedule your meeting with our photographer right away:

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We strongly recommend meeting during daylight hours, as the property photos will look best if taken in natural light. Please let us know when it would be best for you to meet our photographer. In order to ensure that we will be available to meet, please provide us with a few of your availabilities.
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