Kennedy Dance School Feis entry
When: Saturday 23rd of November 2019 @ 2-5pm
Where: St Paul’s Church Hall, Church St, Canterbury NSW 2193
Adjudicator: Mr John Joyce ADCRG
Closing date for entries: 1st November 2019

Entry on the day - Adults $10, Kids - FREE

• School costume (green skirt and black top) /ceili dress can be worn for any grade. Solo dresses/wigs can only be worn in primary grade or higher.
• All usual grading rules apply where dancers can only compete in beginner grade dances if they have not won them in an open competition.
• Dancers can compete in as many grade dances as they wish (and are eligible for) across all grades.
• For grade dances, all participants will receive a medal and the winner of each will be awarded a trophy. For the premierships, all dancers will receive a trophy.
• The ‘Dance to the Music’ section is designed for younger dancers or dancers that have just started who may not yet know their full light jig. We will invite them all on stage together to dance’ freestyle’ together and all dancers will receive a participation trophy. It’s a great way to build confidence and get dancers used to performing on stage.
• The beginner’s premiership is only open to dancers that do not know their primary dances.
• While the grade dances will be contested in age groups, the premierships will be all ages eligible to compete in that grade.
• The timetable will be available once we have received all entries.
• Dancers must arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled start time.
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Grade dances - All $10 except open blind treble reel $5
Premierships (All $25)
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EFT receipt number (EFT to Kennedy Dance School BSB 06 2016 Account number 1125 8976)
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