Token Listing Form
Dear applicant, please pay close attention to the conditions below and then submit the application to us:
1. All applicants have to provide us with complete and precise information. Submitting wrong and invalid information will result in reject the request.
2. Once the token is listed, the project will be traced regarding its progress, liquidity and user base. The BankDex reserves the right to remove the token with prior notice.
3. All project parties with the behaviors below will be prohibited from being listed on BankDex:
Team leaders with an unpleasant record.
Malicious activities on BankDex
Presenting invalid information
Please make sure you’ve filled all the fields.  Our associated listing team will get back to you, once the application meets the essential requirements.

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Primary Information
Email Address *
Please provide with an email address through which we can reach you directly.
Official website *
Project name and its short description *
Project competitive advantages *
Token name *
Token ticker *
Token type *
Let us know if your token is ERC-20. If so, please provide us with the smart contract address, otherwise share the wallet source code or the Github repository.
Distribution and Token allocation plan *
Token total supply *
Token current price *
Token current market cap *
When is your exact target time to list the token? *
Followers on social networks *
Please share the link to all your social networks. The exact number of followers on your different social networks including Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc. is also required.
Please provide us with the permanent link to your Whitepaper *
Price tracking websites *
Let us know if your token is listed among the various price tracking websites such as Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare, and Coinranking. If so, share the link to your entries. If not, reply none.
Icon *
The link to good quality icons for your token is required. (Vector format like SVG. and ai. or then png. with at least 1000px in width)
Core member's profiles and backgrounds *
Kindly share the link to the Linkedin profiles of the project top leaders. Moreover, the top 3 – 5 core leader’s short background is also required.
Fundraising *
Have you run a form of fundraising such as ICO for this project? If so, please explain its exact results briefly.
Wallets *
What are the wallets in which your token is supported?
Exchanges *
What are the exchanges your token is supported?
Immediate Messenger *
Provide us with the messenger(s) and username(s) so that we can reach you directly.
Source Chain *
Let us know the base blockchain network your token is based on.
All contents of the application above were clear and easy to understand for me and I confirm the validity of the submitted information. Moreover, I will be fully liable for all consequences and arguments arising out of the mentioned contents. *
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