2022 NHI Volunteer Interest Form
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Program prior to 2018
2018 Great Debate
2018 LDZ
2018 CWS
2019 Great Debate
2019 LDZ
2019 CWS
2020 GDx
2020 CWSx
2021 GDx
2021 LDZ
2021 LDZx
2021 CWSx
Have you volunteered for NHI programs (local or summer) before? Select all that apply? *
Great Debate/GDx - Local Staff
Great Debate/GDx - Summer Staff
LDZ/LDZx Junior Counselor
LDZ/LDZx Senior Counselor
CWS/CWSx Umpire
CWS/CWSx Senior Mentor
Which programs would you like to volunteer for? *
Check all that you're interested in. If you have never participated in the Great Debate/GDx, you are still eligible to volunteer with a team and/or region for the Great Debate.
Great Debate - Local (Coach/Trainer)
Great Debate - Local (Mentor/Operations/Other)
Great Debate - Summer (Judge, Tournament Staff, Operations)
Great Debate/GDx - 6-day Head Coach (undergraduates or older)
LDZ Junior Counselor (2021 LDZ/LDZx participants only)
LDZ Senior Counselor (undergraduates or older)
CWS Umpire (12th grade only)
CWS Senior Mentor (undergraduates or older)
NHI Summer Virtual Events (GDx/LDZx/CWSx)
Please read and agree to the following terms. *
In order to be considered a candidate to serve in an official NHI volunteer role (local or summer), you must be an active NHI Student Club Member ($50 annual fee) and apply to the next NHI summer leadership program (if eligible). Additional online training will be required. By completing this form, I understand that I am only a candidate and am not an official NHI volunteer yet.
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