Teaching Apprenticeship Survey
Statement of Confidentiality

Dr. Paige Bray and Dr. Steven Schatz are conducting research that will improve the student teaching experience for teacher candidates. We seek your input.

The answers you give will in no way affect your grade, your school evaluations or your future job prospects. Dr. Schatz is a former member of the faculty at University of Hartford, but is no long associated with the University. He is now an independent consultant and author. He is the only one who will see your name attached to your data. After checking for accuracy, he will assign a number to all data received.

All data that is used for analysis by Dr. Bray or for publication will be identified only by number. There will no way for anyone in your program or institution to connect you with your answers. If you have questions, you may contact Dr. Schatz at 23 Prentice Place, Becket, MA 01223, by email at schatz@powerstart.com or through his web site dopss.com.

We ask that you take the time to be thoughtful and thorough. We also ask that you allow us to be able to contact you in the future (we ask for contact information on the survey). Please note that if you are contacted, it will be contact by Dr. Schatz and not Dr. Bray until she no longer has administrative, advisory or instructor responsibilities with you and your program is completed.

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Think about a teaching (or school) situation when you did not know what to do. When there was not an easy answer, one that you could not look up. This could be a series of related incidents, but do not be too general. Briefly describe the situation. Briefly describe what you did.
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How did you decide to do what you did? Even if you do not really know why you decided to do what you did, what flashed through your mind?
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Did you seek information for a solution either at the time or very soon afterwards? Where did you seek help/information?
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Thinking back, what other sources of support/information would you like to have had?
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What did you learn about teaching and yourself as a teacher from the incident?
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Do you think you would do things differently now if the situation arised? If so, what would you do? Why?
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Have you talked about what you learned with anyone? If so, who, in what situation (personal or professional)?
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Thinking about how you share and reflect with others.
This can be in formal situations or informal (over meals, online, social situations).
Now, thinking about student teaching, if you want to share experiences with other student teachers (either to find an answer for you, or to help someone who has a problem), how do you do it now (when, where, how often – live, phone, at school, at placement, in social settings… etc?)
The focus of this question is how you share with other STUDENT TEACHERS
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Do you share your experiences with in service teachers – either at the school where you are placed or other teachers (not student teachers or faculty)? If so, where, when, how?
The focus of this question is how you share with IN SERVICE teachers.
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Can you think of a specific time when you shared a story about a problem or issue you had faced in a non-formal setting (with anyone - student teacher or friend) – not when called on in a class? Briefly describe who you shared with, the situation and very briefly, what you discussed (story telling, asking for advice, giving advice, etc.).
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Now a few evaluation questions and some demographics and we are finished.
How good a teacher do you think you are NOW on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high).
On a scale of 1-10, how good a teacher do you think you will be in 6 months?
How good in a year?
What specific activities do you think you can do now and as you are in your first years of teaching, to make you a better teacher?
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We would very much like to stay in touch with you over time, to see how your experience changes. Please give an email that will be active after you leave the program or a telephone or text number.
Only researchers directly associated with this project will have access to this information and will only contact you for updates on your information.
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How old are you?
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What degree are you currently working on?
Have you ever been a head teacher or teacher of record? If so, about how long and for what grade(s)/age? *
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