Assessing Knowledge Obsolescence of AV Technical Skills
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Issue being addressed:
Technical jobs that once supported audiovisual production are now essential for the preservation of obsolete analog media as cultural heritage. The fundamental skills associated with those technologies are now as much at risk as the physical carriers. AV archivists, engineers and technicians must mobilize to ensure knowledge transfer between generations and communities of practice.

Although this issue is not format specific, this survey focuses on the technical skills related to the maintenance and repair of analog video playback equipment as part of cultural heritage at risk.
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Do you have playback equipment for these formats? If so which ones?
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In your opinion, are technical skills for analog AV media at risk of being lost?
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What skills do you believe are at risk?
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What skills are specific to your institution's needs?
What are the major barriers you see in addressing the transference of technical knowledge of playback equipment repair within the AV community?
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Do you see any ways to overcome the barriers you have identified?
Are any of the following feasible platforms to share and centralize this technical knowledge of playback equipment repair?
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Please note any challenges related to the platform that these skills would be shared with:
Who are the knowledge keepers of these skills and expertise? May we contact them?
As part of this survey we are also trying to gather existing tutorials that could be of help. Are there any you know of or use yourself that demonstrate the technical skills you believe are at risk? Please provide the link/s below if available.
Are there any grant making programs we should be aware of that are potentially interested in supporting this issue? If so, do you have a contact with the Program Director of that grant program?
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