FRESHMAN TECHNOLOGY: The "Start of the Quarter Rules and Regulations" Thinking Sheet.
Yesterday, you heard the "Rules and Regulations" presentation by Mr. B. regarding the Freshman Technology Course. With that in mind, answer the questions below. Use complete sentences and proper grammar when giving a written response.

Don't remember the specifics of the presentation you just heard one day ago? No problem! The slideshow is linked on the webpage for today and at the following link:

Oh, and... This will be graded! No, really. Just like a test!

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Freshman Technology Class: *
What will you be learning this quarter in Freshman Technology Class?
In FIVE words, please describe Mr. B.'s "Key to Success in High School."
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With regards to TARDIES in Freshman Technology:
(Check all that apply.)
What about music in Mr. B.'s Freshman Tech class?
What about LATE WORK in Freshman Technology?
What if a student is struggling to complete a project and can't turn it in on time?
The grade you think you will receive in Freshman Technology class this quarter:
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