Permafree Books on InstaFreebie & BookFunnel Listing

If you have a permanently free book on InstaFreebie or BookFunnel, fill out the form below to get it listed on Renee's Author Spotlight. It MUST BE permanently free. Books that are free for promotion only will not be included.

Choose only 1 Genre! If I feel your book will do better in a different genre, based on the cover design and description, I will put it there. Please DO NOT fill this form out a second time for the same book to try and sneak it into another genre's page.

Book descriptions are strictly limited to 100 words or less! If your description is too long or doesn't meet a PG rating, I will ask you to resubmit the form.

IMPORTANT: I've had some authors sneaking in books that were not permafree. To clarify this term for those who may not know, a permafree book is one in which you do not ever intend to charge money for. On InstaFreebie and BookFunnel, it is a book that you have made available as a giveaway with no end date. If your InstaFreebie or BookFunnel giveaway has an end date, it does not qualify for a listing here. If you do list a permafree book and decide at some point in the future to end your giveaway, please contact me at as soon as possible to remove your book from my listing. If someone reports that a link has lead to a book that is no longer free, I will no longer accept book listing requests from that author.

ALSO IMPORTANT: It needs to be the full book and not a preview. I will not list book previews. Thanks!

If you have a permafree book, but it's not listed on InstaFreebie, you can sign up for free. It's easy to do:

Alternatively, you can list your books on BookFunnel as well:

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