TPS+2.0 Winter 2021 Application
Teen Project Studio + 2.0 is an intensive, eleven week, digital and fine arts program for teens and young adults ages 15-26.

This free program is limited to 15 students and is available by application only. TPS+2.0 is a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the visual arts & creative industries in an interactive and challenging way. It is also an opportunity to meet other teens and young adults with similar eagerness to learn and create.

Please respond to the questions below. If you are under 18, you will need to have a parent or guardian fill out their section as well. Successful applicants will need to be interviewed at BRAC in order to attend this once in a life time opportunity.

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This winter participants will work with KaN Landscape Design to design a public art installation honoring Black Lives Matter. The installation will take place in The Bronx, located at the triangle plaza on East Tremont and Devoe Avenue at 179th Street, near the BRAC building. The installation will be made of plywood and silhouette cut-outs on which photos of the movement will be pasted onto. The cut-outs will allow the passers by to enter the sculptures and develop a personal experience. The work represents the story of individuals & togetherness and the strength that comes from it.

The project, in collaboration with photographer Caroline Mardok (@NY.Strong), won the Plywood Protection Project, organized by Worthless Studios and will be installed in May 2021. An exhibition in BRAC’s gallery is scheduled for the same time. This exhibition will feature the work of @ny.strong/ Caroline Mardok Studios, other artists, and the work of our registered participants. You can view Caroline Mardok's work on Instagram @NY.strong.

The class aims to include students in the art making/technical process of the installation. Students will learn how to and create a prototype/and or a small scale replica of the project using a laser cutter. Participants are invited to assist in the making of the installation. Participants will learn about the equipment and facilities at BRAC’s Maker Space under the supervision of Free Trip from Worthless Studios.

This class will meet in person, if possible, for selected sessions of the semester. Pending the pandemic, alternatively, this course will teach photographic sessions so participants can share their own experiences. These photos will be displayed in the gallery in a collective collage on plywood.

Materials: Disposable cameras for students or cell phone cameras. Printing and the use of the Maker Space will be provided by BRAC. This class will be a mixture of virtual and in person sessions, if allowed. A fully virtual session is optional for all participants.

Application closes Monday, January 18th. Classes begin Thursday, January 21st and run until April 1st, 2021.
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