F.Y. Eye 2020 Census Slogan Survey
As a NY-based and focused nonprofit, F.Y. Eye is committed to encouraging all New Yorkers to participate in the 2020 Census so that New York gets our fair share of federal funds and political representation. The stakes are high for the 2020 Census. In addition to the traditional challenge of reaching hard-to-count populations, the federal government’s perpetual attacks on immigrants could further depress our access to our rightful federal funding as well as our appropriate representation in the House of Representatives for the next decade.

F.Y. Eye is working with local community and ethnic media, nonprofit service providers, advocacy groups, and local artists, to produce and distribute 2020 Census PSAs that motivate everyone- and especially historically undercounted populations- to fill out the Census questionnaire. We are producing a 2020 Census print ad campaign that will be plastered on every New York City Department of Sanitation truck in every New York City neighborhood and we need your help to get our messaging right!

Please take our 1-minute slogan survey and share it with your networks and constituents. We must choose a message that motivates YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY to participate, which is why we optionally request you also share certain demographic information. Your input is greatly needed and appreciated.
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