DEAL Readiness Self Assessment
Here's the DEAL:

Both hybrid and online learning require a lot of independence and time management skills. Naturally, a fully online course will require more of these skills than a hybrid course. D.E.A.L. students must be able to navigate readings and other educational materials independently. D.E.A.L students must feel comfortable asking for help from the instructor. Distance learning usually requires a lot of written assignments and you must feel comfortable discussing readings, concepts and research with classmates and instructors through discussion boards and course messages. You must also posses some computer and technical skills for online classes such as downloading and installing programs on your computer, attaching and uploading assignments, conducting research through the library's electronic databases, and posses a willingness to learn emerging and applications ad tools as needed.

Instructions: Assess your readiness to succeed in a D.E.A.L course by selecting one (1) response under each category.

1 = completely disagree
2 = strongly disagree
3 = not sure
4 = strongly agree
5 = completely agree
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