Dec 2021 Amitabha Session Memorial Plaques 牌位
Please fill out this form to request Memorial Plaques (Paiweis) for someone, living or deceased, you wish to dedicate merit to for the Amitabha Session. We require that people who request to put up plaque(s) to attend all or part of the online Amitabha Session.

無論您為生者或是亡者祈福迴向, 請您填妥彌陀法會的牌位申請表格。本寺要求登記牌位者, 能全程或者部份參與線上共修。

We also limit each participant to putting up a maximum of two plaques (e.g. 2 Rebirth Plaques, 2 Long Life Plaques, or 1 Rebirth and 1 Long Life Plaque). The Paiweis will be up for the duration of the session.

每位參加法會者, 最多設立兩個牌位 (譬如: 兩個往生牌位, 兩個消災延壽牌位, 或一個往生牌位加一個消災延壽牌位) 。 牌位將在法會期間內供奉。

Please email if you have any comments or questions.
如果您有任何問題或建議, 請電郵至
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Location (City, Country) 居住地 (城市, 國家) *
First Memorial Plaque 牌位一
NOTE: If you would like to put up a memorial plaque for someone's karmic debtors, then please choose rebirth plaque and then write "So-and-So's Name's Karmic Debtors" below.

注意事項: 如果您要登記超渡冤親債主的牌位, 請點選往生牌位的項目, 並在受祈福人姓名的欄位中註明 “某某某的冤親債主”
Do you want to set up a Rebirth Plaque or Long Life Plaque? (A Rebirth Plaque is for those who have passed away. A Long Life Plaque is for those who are living.) 您要設立往生牌位或是消災延壽牌位? (往生牌位是為已故者; 消災延壽牌位是為生者) *
Name of Person (who the plaque is for) 受祈福人姓名 *
Second Memorial Plaque 牌位二
Rebirth or Long Life Plaque? 往生牌位或是消災延壽牌位
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Name of Second Person (who the 2nd plaque is for) 受祈福人姓名
I confirm that I will attend at least part of the Amitabha Session online. 我會參加至少一部分的念佛法會。 *
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