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Please complete this form if you wish to be included in the Event Management Comparison spreadsheet. We may need to connect with you to verify answers to questions, so include your email address and name.
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How do you manage check out processing?
Do you offer check out with other vendors, if so, whom. Do you manage the entire process of checking out?
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Connector with Salesforce through Campaigns
Do you have a connection through Campaigns in Salesforce for each event?
Connector with Salesforce creating new contact or adding to existing contact
Will the connection add a new contact and add to an existing contact, add a lead for new and existing contacts or only add to existing contacts (sign-in required for new contacts)
Ability to collect donations
Credit Card Processing Fees
Specific fees for processing credit cards, for example "3% or use PayPal or Google Checkout"
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Real time data into Salesforce
Is the data in Salesforce immediately?
Customer support
What type of customer support do you offer?
Check in Manager
Table Seating/Grouping
Supports the NPSP
Plays well with the NPSP
Widget for displaying on web site
What widgets do you offer that may be easily displayed on a web site. For example "Full calendar, list of upcoming events, listing of past events"
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Salesforce Connector Fee
Is there a fee for the connector? If so, please put in the price including the nonprofit discount.
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Is there an ongoing cost or yearly fee that must be paid. Please include the nonprofit discount.
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Lightning Ready *
Supports Mobile Bidding? *
Customized Registration Form *
Multiple Attendees in a single registration (Example: One purchase gets 10 tickets) *
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