Welcome to the order form for the Chinese New Year kit.

The Chinese New Year Kit is developed in collaboration with local businesses within the Toronto Asian community with the goal to support and celebrate the culture and traditions of Chinese New Year.

This kit is curated in collaboration with:

Trevor Lui
Hong Shing Restaurant
Yueh Tung Restaurant
Elaine Quan PR
Evelyn Chick (EC Projects)
Tap Phong Trading

This kit contains the following items:

1. Trevor Lui's "Double Happiness" Cookbook

2. Hong Shing & Trevor Lui’s Curated 8 Course Menu

3. Hong Shing's Almond Cookies

4. Hong Shing's 6-Pack of "The Red Pocket" Pilsner Beer (In Collaboration with Hometown Brew Co)

5. Trevor Lui's "Yum Cha" Blended Tea Set

6. Evelyn Chick's Cocktail Tea Kit

7. Yueh Tung's Chili Chicken & Manchurian Sauces

8. Tap Phong's Custom Curated Chopsticks

Pick-up is available on the following days: February 5 – 19, 2021

Available time slots for pickup:

1. 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
2. 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
3. 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: $288.00 (plus taxes)

24 Hours Advance Pre-order is required. The meals are cooked and it serves up to 6 people.

Pick-up location:

Hong Shing Restaurant
195 Dundas Street West, M5G 1C7
Toronto, Canada

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
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Chinese New Year Kit Participants

About Trevor Lui
Trevor has made a life and career surrounded by the sights and sounds of food and drink. For the past 20 years, he has produced thousands of event experiences and co-created and developed some of Toronto’s foremost food brands, including Kanpai Snack Bar, Yatai Japanese Street Food, Shook Noodle, La Brea Food, Joybird Fried Chicken, and Makan Noodle Bar. His culinary agency Highbell Group organizes uniquely immersive culinary events that push the boundaries of innovation. Trevor is also the co-founder of the agency Quell which highlights the leadership and talents of notable BIPOC leaders in hospitality. He is a frequent consultant, speaker, and editorial contributor to media outlets such as Cityline and business forums. He also directs and hosts a video series called “Soulful Food Stories.”

About Hong Shing
Hong Shing is a Cantonese-style Chinese restaurant that has been a long-time local
favourite, since 1997, by consistently providing delicious Chinese food to communities
throughout Toronto. Through their family recipes, they have been creating some of the
city’s most beloved, shared “family style” dishes and comfort foods with fresh, traditional
Chinese ingredients. The Hong Shing name is derived from the Cantonese language
meaning “Strong and Healthy” and “City Fortress Gate,” while the water flowing through
the fortress symbolizes wisdom and fluidity of life. All of these were the inspiration for
their iconic logo.

About Yueh Tung
Yueh Tung restaurant is the oldest existing Hakka, Chinese restaurant in Toronto. Our
family restaurant has been serving Chinese-Indo food, a blend of Chinese flavours and
Indian spices, since 1987. Our famous dishes, chili chicken and manchurian chicken,
have become so popular there are websites dedicated to cracking our recipes online,
but now you won't have to! Our family has finally bottled the sauces of our most popular
dishes, under our sauce line "Vooka" meaning "Home" in Hakka, and are delighted to
finally be sharing them with you! We hope you'll love our sauces as much as we do.

About Tap Phong
Tap Phong is a leading retailer of premium quality cookware and dinnerware, based in
Toronto, Canada. Established since 1984, Tap Phong has excelled for its inexpensive
and commercial grade products, loved by home cooks and top restaurants alike. For
more than three decades, Tap Phong’s products have been found in homes, banquet
halls, hotels, high-end restaurants, and bars all over Canada.

About Evelyn Chick (EC Projects)
Founded by globally acclaimed bartender Evelyn Chick - EC Projects provide a creative
hub for cocktail and drinks enthusiasts to explore new techniques and recipes through
virtual learning and experimentation, all from the comfort of their own home! She
believes that enjoyment of food and drinks aren’t just for special occasions, it is an
experience so personal yet so social, bringing together people from all walks of life.

The CNY Kit Menu
The menu items for the kit contains symbolic references to the traditions of Chinese New Year.


1. Spring Rolls
Flakey and crispy spring rolls filled with a medley of cabbage, carrots and mixed vegetables

The resemblance of gold bars signifies a representation of wealth and prosperity.

2. Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup
Delicate crab meat, fish maw “Fa Gau”, red vinegar

The soup course is meant to “Hoi Wei” which means to open up the soul for the dishes ahead.


3. Chef Tim’s Chinese BBQ Meat Platter
Roasted pork, roasted duck and BBQ char siu pork belly

A traditional opener to a big family meal ahead. It is generally anchored with a roasted or BBQ pork which
symbolizes strength, wealth and abundant blessings.

4. Char Siu Truffle and Porcini Egg Foo Young
Ontario eggs, Chef Tim’s BBQ pork, porcini, scallions, truffle oil

This dish provides dual meaning as eggs symbolizes fertility and mushrooms represent longevity.

5. XO Garlic Fried Rice
House X.O., Chef Tim’s BBQ pork, shrimp, green peas, egg, scallions

Rice brings both luck and wealth, symbolizing a link between Heaven and Earth.

6. Classic Wok Fried Grouper
Grouper fillet, Gai Lan, golden garlic, root vegetable medley

The word fish in Chinese is pronounced "yu" translated means "abundance or surplus.”
Serving fish symbolizes an abundance to carry into the new year.

7.Modern Moo Goo Gai Pan
Tenders of chicken, king oyster and black Chinese mushrooms, snow pea leaves

This rebooted classic dish brings dual symbolism of longevity and unity.

8. Cantonese Fried Noodle
Medley of beef, chicken, Chef Tim's BBQ pork, shrimp, squid, broccoli, carrots, snow peas

The medley of meat provides a symbolism of wealth and noodles bringing ‘uncut’
longevity of life. The mixed vegetables also provides a symbol of family harmony

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