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Fan Panel Specifics and Information
Sin City Anime wants to include a large selection of fan produced panels and content. We believe our convention should be a place that the whole community can participate in. Our programing team encourages to apply to provide panel entertainment for our event!

Fan Panel applications will be reviewed and process by our team, and accepted at our discretion. We are looking for a wide variety of content, and so common themed panels will have a harder time being accepted. There will be limited projector and screen availability, so panels that do not require these usually have a high acceptance rate.
Applicants must be age 16 and above to apply to be a panel host, we would like to avoid any issues and conflicts minors may get into with a mixed adult audience.
18+ Adult content is accepted and specific requirements will be communicated, along with special panel room and time information.

Accepted Fan Panel applications will receive (2) full 3-Day convention badges as compensation for the Fan Panel Content.

As a panel room standard you can expect (2) microphones and audio system provided, screen and projector availability for 2 of the 3 panel rooms, and there will be various seating arrangements (theatre style rows of seats arrangement, banquet style round tables for games and workshops).

The process of Fan Panel application and acceptance is as follows:
-Submit your Fan Panel application.
-Our Programming team will reach out to you via e-mail to establish contact.
-If your panel is accepted, the programming team will reach out again to communicate further details.
-Closer to the event dates, you will receive a final schedule and prep information for your panel time at convention.
-Beginning Thursday November 2nd, you can come to our registration table on-site and check in for your (2) badges
-When your panel time arrives, you can begin set-up and preparations in the panel room at the end of the panel before yours.
-A programming assistant will be around all 3 panel rooms to assist with tech or any other issues that may arise.
-Perform your panel to your heart's content!
-At the end of your panel, be courteous and quickly remove your things and set-up for the next panel to get ready.

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Have you performed your panel at other convention/events? and if yes, which ones
Do you have any links to showcase your content? If so, please provide them here.
Does your panel content require a projector and screen for use? *
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What is your general preferred time frame for your panel event? (This is subject to change as we approach the dates and our full schedule comes out *
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